Monday, April 07, 2008

Welcome to Our Adventure in the Country

This is our little place...our pavlova paradise in a tiny neck of the woods called Morere, South of Gisborne, East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

We moved in on an evening not too dissimilar to the one I'm listening to beating down on the corrugated tin roof tonight...raining and raining pretty hard.

I'm also very thankful it was dark and raining that night. Otherwise I may not have dossed down on the swirly latte-patterned acrylic mass that was masquerading as a piece of carpet, thinly applied over a patchwork of concrete that is our "sun-room" floor. For in the morning we awoke to more creatures than would populate a healthy zoo... daddy-long-legs spiders, their cobwebs attached in every conceivable position and state from firm and neat to thin, dangling and wafting with every movement of air, crickets, flies, bees, wasps and...cockroaches - "Gisborne Cockroaches", apparently!