Wednesday, May 08, 2013

:: getting up, above it all ::

Fennel flowers and Poverty Bay

Yesterday we were engulfed in a lashing of Wintry wind and rain and felt snug (and smug, until the powercut!) inside by our woodstove as we each worked away at our pursuits.

Stunning view
And today's trip to 'town' couldn't be more of a delightful contrast and as we picnicked above Poverty Bay, we talked of the different headlands we could see, stretching out South, pondering the forms of the landscape before us; Phoebe getting an aerial look at how far we need to drive to get to 'town'; Phoebe wondering whether there was a possible shortcut?; noticing the markers for the ships sailing into port and feeling really satisfied by a hearty soup we'd put into our flasks for lunch.

Fresh air, sunshine, nourishment and getting up above it all!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

:: autumnal mandala garden ::

Autumnal Northern Hawke's Bay
A lovely, long, dry and warm Summer (well, not so lovely and way too dry for the vast majority of NZ!) has given way to a golden Autumn in these parts.

our rainbow permaculture mandala garden
We have been blessed with just enough rain to sustain our gardens' green good health and have been eating well from them all Summer through.

Blue Bay, Opoutama
After Summer's often frenetic pace - just keeping up with the garden was a feat this year - it has been necessary to mark the change of seasons and give consideration to the new pace of the new season.  One night last week we went for a walk here and soaked up the beauty...some much appreciated reflective time.