Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just because....

One doesn't really need an excuse for such a pic...and it was Phoebe who styled the shot, really!

Sari Hut

Sorry Mum, we're just too busy to look at you right now! I remembered we had 2 Saris and rigged up a tent over the top of Phoebe's play area yesterday in the gorgeous Spring sunshine. Both Phoebe and Kade gravitated instantly to a game of being a family and added as much paraphernalia as they could to round out this scene.

In the background is my first attempt at making a Balinese-inspired flag/banner from a remnant in my fabric cache. Love this sunny, warm weather.

Froggy Hollow

One morning last week we set off on a new kind of adventure, perhaps spawned by the idea that all the mosquito larvae in our pond (read:manky old bath with murky water and a couple of sad aquatic plants doing their best to survive, infested with mosquito larvae, sunk into orchard paddock) needed a predator.

Romantically, I thought some frogs might be just the thing and everyone indulged me. So off we set with buckets and nets in our gumboots for a lovely pond setting over the road, on Alexander's land.
I have to say it was so much more than I expected, even though we did come home empty-handed, not a tadpole or the tiniest bit of spawn in sight.
As we descended through willows and meadow flora we found ourselves in a kind of otherworldly grotto - it was beautiful - I felt like I was in a film set. The light was soft and dappled, time felt like it was slowing down, it felt warmer, louder and quieter, if you know what I mean and it was as if we'd entered someone else's house and they weren't home. Indeed we had - this wasn't a human habitat. It was pure froggy hollow swampland and even the very surface of the earth here was trying to grab and hold onto us.
When we finally adjusted and stood still and quietly enough, we heard what I'd only dreamt I might hear...the unabashed ribbitting of a couple of frogs mid-courtship (we think! and hope!)! This was very exciting...maybe we will get to have some tadpoles for our pond...?
After listening in awe for quite some time and it was a stretch with a couple of youngsters who really thought the whole gumboot stuck in the mud thing was the best thing in a long time, we dragged ourselves out of this bewitching return another day.
It made me think about our "pond", though - it really does need an upgrade to be even a slight patch on the incredible natural habitat of those frogs - and I'd really like to be able to help the frog population now I'm thinking...any ideas welcome, please!

Mavis has 9 Piglets!!!

Last Sunday afternoon as Phoebe and I drove out of our driveway, ready to go and collect Aaron from the airport we wondered to ourselves at "how Mavis was?" and "I wonder whether she's...Stop the car now! She's got BABIES!!!" So, a must stop for us and we hadn't even gotten out of Possum Bend.

What we discovered was a huge pile of piglets - 9 in total - all squeaking and vying for the best position at the teats and a grunting mother, lying back in satisfaction or defeat - not sure which!

After gawping with wide eyes for about 2 minutes we jumped back in the car and got on our way.

Since then we've found ourselves at the fence often, just staring at the wonder of another miracle of new life and the perfection of it all. Irresistable.

Lulu and Lucas Visit Possum Bend

We have been graced by the presence of our friends recently, who made an amazing journey to come and see us and to whom we are especially thankful - we know it was a major - THANK YOU!

Firstly, we had the little girl convalescing from a protracted illness - whom we thought had just come right - who hadn't quite. Then, her Mum who'd also managed to catch the last bug Miss Lulu had passed on - the day before leaving. As well, there was Jenny, who was 6 and 1/2 months pregnant! And, lastly, but not least of all...Lucas, who really wasn't keen on leaving the Rock to sit in a car for HOURS and HOURS simply to see his friend Phoebe who now lives in the WOP-WOPS!

As you can see from the pics, a wonderful time was had by all - very merry and even fancy dress and running races.

We felt privileged to host Lulu's 5th Birthday and it was special to make her the sponge cake she really wanted to celebrate her birthday with. As you see, I even squeezed in a little bit of pink gingham, for the occasion - I felt rather pleased about that!

Jenny thought it a great idea to give the kids very loud whistles - they fully experienced these new toys everywhere they could - jungly gyms included - they became OUTSIDE toys immediately.

Possum's Back!

What a team! Phoebe with her paint brush and the Aarons with their power tools!

Old Mister Possum was back up in place in no time at all...once we put our collective energy into the job.

the old fella fell from the lofty heights of his "POSSUM BEND" sign back in July.

Now, freshly made-over (well, actually he is completely NEW, as he was completely buggered in the storm), complete with a new brown coat (of fence paint!) for Summer, he is officially screwed (in place!!) and boring his beady, red reflective eyes at all who pass by Possum Bend...

Trip to Lake Waikaremoana

A couple of weeks ago now, we made a dash for Lake Waikaremoana on an overnight trip when we had the chance.

On the way up the weather darkened and closed in, creating a surreal, almost foreboding effect...and then in the morning we awoke to a day that dawned almost picture-postcard-perfect!

We then did several of the smaller waterfall walks and found the landscape to be magical in a wonderfully escapist way...somehow we have no waterfall pics...transfixed by them, perhaps???
Quite incredible.

We all enjoyed watching the excited movements of this young foal we spotted in a paddock on the way there...