Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mavis has 9 Piglets!!!

Last Sunday afternoon as Phoebe and I drove out of our driveway, ready to go and collect Aaron from the airport we wondered to ourselves at "how Mavis was?" and "I wonder whether she's...Stop the car now! She's got BABIES!!!" So, a must stop for us and we hadn't even gotten out of Possum Bend.

What we discovered was a huge pile of piglets - 9 in total - all squeaking and vying for the best position at the teats and a grunting mother, lying back in satisfaction or defeat - not sure which!

After gawping with wide eyes for about 2 minutes we jumped back in the car and got on our way.

Since then we've found ourselves at the fence often, just staring at the wonder of another miracle of new life and the perfection of it all. Irresistable.

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