Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where Splishy and Bubbles live...

This lovely Waterlily specimen has been growing beautifully all through Spring and Summer now in our 'bath' pond out in the orchard.

It has been busy providing us with these lush crimson blooms every week or so as well as protective cover in the form of many lily pad leaves for our 2 newest additions, Splishy and Bubbles, a pair of vermillion goldfish.

What a WHOPPER!!

How's the size of this one??? This sneaky zeppelin-sized zucchini slipped us by for a few...days???...when we'd come back from our lovely Summer holiday...what a surprise when Phoebe found it lurking beneath the canopy of zucchini plant leaves. HUGE. The young daughter of an acquaintance calls these vegetables "gorgeouses", which I think is a lovely play on courgettes. Cute, too.

Rubber Glove Plant Ties

This probably took about 15 mins of patient cutting and I've ended up with about 30 very stretchy and soft rubber glove plant ties from one 'bung' rubber glove. I found that I needed my very sharp 'gardena' scissors to cut them up reasonably neatly into strips about 5-10mm wide. So far, they seem to work very well with tying up our unruly tomatoes.