Sunday, January 30, 2011

:: and the clock struck twelve ::

...we have an elderflower tree outside our bedroom window and after the flowers come lovely deep burgundy...elderberries cluster droopingly on the end of arching boughs.  Berries most attractive to this little guy...AT MIDNIGHT!
he THUNDERS over the roofing panels of our back deck like a heavy-footed, stumbling drunk, then on over the rest of the roof, until he settles on this tree next to our bedroom window...!
Finally we snapped him - proof!  For those that do not know, he is a 'possum' - and here in Australia they are a protected creature.  Hailing from NZ we are more familiar with an over-abundance of these 'introduced' animals and them being treated as a pest. Our disdain for them is met with confusion as most people here think they are cute and special...hmmm, not at midnight!