Wednesday, June 30, 2010

:: full moon blessings ::

a couple of years ago I was blessed in the Mid-Winter to have a magnificent glowing orb preside over my 40th birthday celebrations, held a few days after the actual day. With Mother Moon floating overhead, I felt 'held' more than usual.
+, this Saturday gone, I marked another birthday...under a full moon...firelight flickering, marshmallows melting, conversations flowing, happy faces glowing...times passes...the partial lunar eclipse slides across as we glance moonwards...snuggling child, softly snoring, contentedly shrouded in possum merino coverlet...thank you...our life is amazing and we are truly blessed.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

:: evening warmth ::

...well, here we are...far away from Possum Bend. In Northern NSW, just out of a wee place..."the biggest little country town in Australia", Mullumbimby, to be precise. These gum trees, picking up the amber hues of yet another glowing golden sunset reside opposite the yurt which is currently our humble abode. Kindly arranged by our very good friend, Adam!
We have had numerous adventures the past two months, since leaving beautiful New Zealand.
Phoebe is now happily engaged in Sally's Class One at Shearwater Steiner School and A and I are beginning to make sense of this new life on this new chunk of Mother Earth.
Luke, sadly, had a much rougher time and became a very old boy in front of our eyes, in a matter of weeks. We will miss your 'gentlemanly' presence - although, every time we cast our gaze across to these trees we will think of you and your beautiful 'constancy' in our lives for so long... Rest well, Lukey xoxo.