Monday, August 30, 2010

:: more Kookas ::

not one...
...not two...

...but THREE of these beauties on our gum next to our verandah!

:: a home among the gum trees ::

always wanted a circular driveway!
a semi-yurt-shaped home up on poles

view from the West
this is for the folks back home - to give you an idea of where we are...

...and what popped in my mind was the jaunty sounds of the theme music for the telly programme "Burke's Backyard"!
"...Give me a home among the gum trees
With lots of plum trees, a sheep or two, a kangaroo.
A clothesline out the back, verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair..."

I remember being riveted in the nineties - this was definitely one of my "must-watch' bits of telly back then...I even used to buy the mag!! Does anyone else know what I'm on about? here's a refresher - although this is the original song...

Burkes Back Yard - Home Among The Gumtrees Theme Song

Love it!

:: using what we have ::

this is a theme very current in our household!  We have simply got TOO MUCH STUFF!  The thought of having to buy anything else right now is almost nauseating - maybe a little too much drama here - especially when I'd have to dig deep and honestly say I'm tempted often and easily by yet another must-have latest season's "goddess-gold" or "angel-wing alabaster" shade of toe-nail polish! Hhh-hmmm!
 So in reality-world, where we mostly live, we do re-purpose as much as possible.  For some reason, we had a spare plastic tool-box lined up amongst the other fully-occupied containers in the 'man-cave' area.
Aha!  That can be the letter-box - and, whilst he still had to wield the odd powertool - a simple and effective solution to the need for a new letterbox.  A different style and quality of creativity, perhaps, when one might (foolishly?) compare one's own efforts with those others' from the lane...stop looking at the rear end of that...goat?! Stop it - no - look at our beautiful black'n'decker job....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Coopers Lane South, Durrumbul...our new location

Still settling in, with more islands of boxes than newly emerging new continents present in the house...and definitely a feeling that we might have a tad too much 'stuff', we have been unfurling in our new abode, here in Coopers Lane South.
About 7 mins away from Mullumbimby, the area has more the air of peaceful countryside than bustling village hub, although we are only minutes from that when we want it.
Our little laneway is nestled beneath an awe-inspiring rocky ridge, one of the remaining pieces of the edge of an ancient caldera, the topographical landmark contour for all of this area.

Coopers LN South Letterboxes
There is an arty vibe in this nook - check out the funky letterboxes.  A close-up of the tin, bone and driftwood 'goat' is certainly revealing!! [this blog has some standards, so I haven't made the pic explicit!!! ;-) ] One of letterboxes is a beautiful ironwork sculpture complete with ceramic tiled base and a wooden 'bridge' over the culvert inlaid with oval tiles...beautiful!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

:: A Kooka at my Table... ::

this very pretty fella swooped in late one afternoon last week and landed, amazingly, right in front of us on the balcony railing....and just sat there.  For ages. We felt excited, amazed and privileged to have this beautiful creature be with us in such close proximity. For anyone who doesn't know what he is, he is a bird native to Australia - a Kookaburra.
We know he is probably a frequent visitor to this house, our new home...we guess he has probably been fed.
Quite opportunely, it was our afternoon tea break!  We chose to let him sit and not be fed...and incredibly...he just sat and watched and waited and watched some more. And, of course we sat and watched and waited...the longest afternoon tea ever, I reckon.  Simply beautiful.