Monday, August 23, 2010

Coopers Lane South, Durrumbul...our new location

Still settling in, with more islands of boxes than newly emerging new continents present in the house...and definitely a feeling that we might have a tad too much 'stuff', we have been unfurling in our new abode, here in Coopers Lane South.
About 7 mins away from Mullumbimby, the area has more the air of peaceful countryside than bustling village hub, although we are only minutes from that when we want it.
Our little laneway is nestled beneath an awe-inspiring rocky ridge, one of the remaining pieces of the edge of an ancient caldera, the topographical landmark contour for all of this area.

Coopers LN South Letterboxes
There is an arty vibe in this nook - check out the funky letterboxes.  A close-up of the tin, bone and driftwood 'goat' is certainly revealing!! [this blog has some standards, so I haven't made the pic explicit!!! ;-) ] One of letterboxes is a beautiful ironwork sculpture complete with ceramic tiled base and a wooden 'bridge' over the culvert inlaid with oval tiles...beautiful!


  1. sounds lovely, expecting a post of your letterbox contribution now. hope all is well, thinking of you guys.

  2. have one has been created...using 'existing' materials...will post pic soon. Yes, all is well - thank you ;-). Wishing you all well, also. Oh - we got two veggie beds in today and a third is in progress...feels rather nice! xx