Monday, August 30, 2010

:: using what we have ::

this is a theme very current in our household!  We have simply got TOO MUCH STUFF!  The thought of having to buy anything else right now is almost nauseating - maybe a little too much drama here - especially when I'd have to dig deep and honestly say I'm tempted often and easily by yet another must-have latest season's "goddess-gold" or "angel-wing alabaster" shade of toe-nail polish! Hhh-hmmm!
 So in reality-world, where we mostly live, we do re-purpose as much as possible.  For some reason, we had a spare plastic tool-box lined up amongst the other fully-occupied containers in the 'man-cave' area.
Aha!  That can be the letter-box - and, whilst he still had to wield the odd powertool - a simple and effective solution to the need for a new letterbox.  A different style and quality of creativity, perhaps, when one might (foolishly?) compare one's own efforts with those others' from the lane...stop looking at the rear end of that...goat?! Stop it - no - look at our beautiful black'n'decker job....

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