Sunday, August 22, 2010

:: A Kooka at my Table... ::

this very pretty fella swooped in late one afternoon last week and landed, amazingly, right in front of us on the balcony railing....and just sat there.  For ages. We felt excited, amazed and privileged to have this beautiful creature be with us in such close proximity. For anyone who doesn't know what he is, he is a bird native to Australia - a Kookaburra.
We know he is probably a frequent visitor to this house, our new home...we guess he has probably been fed.
Quite opportunely, it was our afternoon tea break!  We chose to let him sit and not be fed...and incredibly...he just sat and watched and waited and watched some more. And, of course we sat and watched and waited...the longest afternoon tea ever, I reckon.  Simply beautiful.

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