Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Arrrrgggh!, Oim a Poirate!"...or..."Phoebe's First Two Baby Teeth Lost"

It happened today - our girl has lost her first TWO baby teeth - the end of an era and the beginning of a whole new period in her development. - the Pirate stage...
She had these 2 wobbly, worn-down stubbs threatening for the past two weeks - with plaintive pleas for this food or that or I can't possibly eat dinner or lunch or whatever - totally did her best to play us!
And today, first the most wobbly peg toppled forwards a final time, coaxed out by the feverish movements of her little impatient tongue. And then in record time, I imagine, the second was ripped out by the child, with a fair amount of the red stuff - "it fell out!" - YEAH, RIGHT!
Anyhow, it seems a big deal to us and marks the passage of time very visually...I wonder what the tooth fairy has up her sleeve for this pair of twin teeth tonight?