Wednesday, August 29, 2012

:: sheltered ::

As part of a Farming theme in Phoebe's Class 3 year, she has been experiencing 'shelter'.  This has stemmed from her own very strong desire to form shelters around the property and in the home, when the weather has not been very co-operative for such ventures.
pallet play platform under the old apple tree
So far, she has managed to get Aaron to rig up a very simple platform 'house' from pallets, directly under the beautiful old Apple tree.

She has another one in the gardens under a large, old, wild Rosemary 'bush', which she has shaped into an arching 'shelter' with the help of secateurs and imagination -this is her 'Spring cubby'.

her stick 'bender' - a temporary temple?
 And over the past few weeks, Phoebe has been creating - with my help - a stick shelter, using the available materials - in our case at the moment, this is fruit tree prunings, flax and bamboo.

We have been looking through and discussing the various simple and ancient shelters in this little and informative book - Simple Shelters, by Jonathan Horning -  borrowed from the library.

She is curious as to whether some of the prunings might sprout and grow. 
Phoebe has been learning about lashing sticks together to secure the house.  She has been weaving busily with a variety of materials and methods, endless experimentation and embellishment.
Yesterday we planted 20 sweetpea seeds in the hope that they will grow up and fragrantly and beautifully cover her little stick shelter. 
the second smaller stick house being constructed
After the first little house was made together, Phoebe began a second smaller version, right next door, all by herself - the 'store', she says.
Once Spring has arrived and settled in, and the earth is a bit less wet, also in our plans is an adobe playhouse with a cement foundation, which she and Aaron will build together - she can't wait!