Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An outdoor area begins...

or: "my herb garden withers"...only temporary, though - and look what we're getting!
We remembered that Rachel, from whom we bought our first 4 chooks, has a lovely husband, John, who has the job of maintaining the telephone lines around we have managed to buy these cool old posts at a very reasonable rate - and they delivered them to us - out here at Morere!!!
Luke will soon be in quite upmarket digs - undercover even!! + given the amount of rain we've experienced lately - it is a necessary thing to give him a covered space he can live under, when outside.
I bought a rain meter yesterday when in Gisborne, so it will be interesting to begin recording - everyone here has been telling us this is very unusual and that we wouldn't normally expect rain like this until July...expect it like this ever?!

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