Tuesday, December 04, 2012

:: brag-basket #1 ::

basket #1
time flies when you're having fun, 'they' say...well - we must be having oodles of fun - as time appears to just zip by...we're now into the beginnings of a warm Summer.
The busy-ness of Spring has not let up - the garden has been keeping us all incredibly full and busy - so demanding!!  We've experienced a wonderful warmth here, with just enough rain at the right moments - got a touch dry here and there. We've begun hosting Wwoofers again, which has been soooo helpful for us - and great to meet people from other parts of the globe.  I've wrapped up my studies for the year - with a final burst of study and graduate on Saturday - exciting!  Home-educating has been full and engaging with Phoebe.  Aaron continues to work creatively with hypnosis clients on Skype, crafting incredible rustic furniture for some local organic gardens, cutting lawns, house-painting and even bakes the pies for the local tearooms! As well as all that Aaron is now studying, which is truly inspiring - as he is embarking on a 32-week Certificate of Applied Organics and Biodynamics - also with Taruna College in Hawke's Bay.

Thankfully, though (and finally!) the fruits of our labours are now filling our evening baskets easily - time to see what produce we cooked with tonight:
Strawberries - picking them on the early side, quietly, when birdies and little girls are not noticing... 3 kinds of zucchini (Lebanese, Florence long-ribbed and Black Beauty)...Broccoli de cicco (sprouts on for a reasonable time after the first head = like!)...long and fat broadbeans (superaguadaluce?!)...rocket, cos lettuce, basil, mint and oregano are also tucked in there.
I would like to remember to take a photograph of the evening basket every so often as a lush basketful such as this is just so beautiful to admire - I hope you liked it, too!


  1. thanks Christy! :) Hey do you still have the Cayuga duck family? Seriously coveting Cayuga ducks at the moment - would like to buy 2 females for Phoebe's "Orchard Crew".

  2. yep stil have my cayugas, haven't had much luck with baby ducklings though, so think i will get a couple more females soon too.