Monday, September 09, 2013

:: big egg ::

 Phoebe came in from collecting the eggs the other day with wonderment and lots of giggles...
there was definitely something different with one of the eggs...

L to R: bantam egg, regular hen's egg, 'whopper' egg
so she set out to see just how much different...
 Phoebe loves to bake and knows perfectly well that an average hen's egg will weigh approximately 60gm...after a bit of thinking she worked out that this beauty is more than half as big again...
 it was agreed that she would have it sunny-side up for her breakfast and indeed it was a DOUBLE YOLKER!
and a breakfast enjoyed at least one and a half times as much as usual, maybe even twice as much :)


  1. wow that is a big egg. Did you actually manage to eat it all. Gorgeous pics Miss Phoebe. Arohanui Huhana

  2. really big egg - and, yes - she did manage to eat it all - she has an on again, off again dance with eggs...thank you re: pics. Arohanui back at ya!