Friday, October 25, 2013

:: beauty outside the bedroom window ::

It's a holiday here today in Hawke's Bay - and felt a bit like a Saturday the curtains, get a warm beverage, slip back into bed, grab the knitting...look up and see... the beauty right there!

There is always something lovely to view - the ornamental cherry tree in the background is a clear indicator of the seasons, lovely green leaves darken through Summer, turn a rainbow of warm shades in the Autumn, then fall, giving us the beauty of it's Winter bare bones exposed and Spring is heralded by a ridiculous amount of frilly white blossom fluttering perilously on it's extremities.

This 'Mutabilis' (a Chinese rose) languished for about 5 years before I felt brave enough to tame it by trimming back to a stronger framework...I'm a learner pruner.

For about 3 months now I have looked out the windows in the morning and worried that I went a little too far...but lately, to my relief, there has been a lovely burst of growth on the fenceline and now we have this array of stunning blooms upon which to gaze.

I particularly like the way it begins as an orange, almost red bud, opens to a pretty coppery-apricot and lastly outstretches as a delightful pink - the combination of all three on it's boughs being truly beautiful.

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