Monday, May 19, 2008

Look what Gladys DID!!!!

Now, as you probably know, if you've been following along, that we actually have a flock of 13 - Roger, our very special guy and his posse of very well-behaved girls...only, so far, they haven't produced a single egg...that is until this morning!

So exciting.

I probably embarrassed Phoebe quite well with my whoops of jubilation and jigs around the crunchy lawn - well, probably not - she joined in, too.

So, here it is - carefully cradled in those toasty little rainbow mittens - a small (remember - size isn't everything!) and yet perfectly-formed pullet egg.

We've tried to work out who to congratulate - there was the scrap of evidence attached in the form of a wisp of nether-fluff - black with a tinge of ginger - maybe Gladys, we thought...or maybe Goldie...possibly Digger, with her cute "feather hat"... now we can't wait for tomorrow morning...will it all be repeated again tomorrow?


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