Friday, May 02, 2008

Meet our newest additions...

Phoebe is showing you the "Permaculture Chook Dome", proudly made by Aaron, which now houses one very happy rooster - Roger - and his harem of 12 girls!

The theory is that every 2 weeks they will have cleared, scratched over and fertilised a circular vegetable garden bed for us as well as given us some lovely organic eggs!

They sleep up in a timber lattice roost, suspended from the ceiling of the dome and will lay their precious eggs in a recycled lawn mower grass-catcher.
This photo shows our guy, Roger, strutting his stuff and the lovely ladies in black... they are mostly Orpington crosses, which makes them nicely docile.

Roger is quite distinguished having a Barnevelder for a father - he definitely stands tall.

Yesterday we became the owners of 3 lovely young female goats, caught by a local farmer from up in the hills...he gets $3 a kg for them at market, so we felt quite happy that these ones will get to see a bit more of life at Possum Bend in their sunny paddock, overlooking the river...

In her shelter you see Greta resting...

...peeping around the corner from her shelter is Gloria...

...and "you can't really see me in this long grass" is Ginger - the smallest of our three lawn-mowers.

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  1. I love your blog...I live in LA but it is my secret dream to live on a ranch, raising animals, growing food, and riding horses. I love both city life and country life and can't seem to figure out how to have both. I want to share my blog with you...there are stories about kids, gardening, yoga, and everyday spirituality. I hope you like it. I will keep reading your blog.