Saturday, September 27, 2008

Compost Magic

What you see here is a happy child, knee deep in the piles of 'Brown' (leaves) and 'Green' (lawn clippings), helping me to make our inaugural compost pile, of which we have 11 or so to make over the coming months.

We had a lot of fun constructing our 'pie' with the aforementioned ingredients, as well as buckets of seaweed tea and a large amount of dried cowpats, which I'd mown to the texture of dessicated coconut. It was kind of like making a giant lasagne, only a bit smelly and not too tasty looking. I'm sure all the funghi and thermophillic bacteria were licking their lips, though, as that thing has heated up very well and a day later, it was steaming and almost too hot to put my hand in (did I say that???)

Anyway, this was momentous and exciting for me - almost as exciting as getting the chook dome made.

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