Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Further Gardening Update on the 2nd Day of Spring!

The lush vegetation in the glasshouse is a nice crop of Brassicas and a very vigorous crop of celery. Earlier we were buying Awapuni Nurseries seedlings from Pak 'n Save and for $2.97 we were guaranteed at least 12 plants per bundle - well - we counted 30 celery seedlings that have all grown very well. We've done sharesies with the neighbours several times now on this basis. There is always MORE.
Outside the glasshouse is Phoebe's Patch and here you can see the rhubarb we have divided and replanted into her patch as well as the MANY small crowns she has potted up completely by herself. We counted 23 pots and they all look lovely and healthy. Great gardening Phoebe.
At last we are into our own seedling production.

The chook dome is in position number 7 (which represents 14 weeks - 2 x 7 - of gardening in the system) and the bed in the foreground is bed number 6, freshly planted with seedlings including the first tomatoes and capsicums, protected inside their plastic bottle cloches.

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