Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inside Play on Rainy Days

Lately, we've had some quite inclement weather, lots of 'fuzzy' rain and chilly days and that has led to more inside time.

And here are a couple of the things Phoebe has been doing. We have some beautiful 'STOCKMAR' watercolour paints and nice paper for Phoebe to create paintings with. These paints come in an intense concentrate in tiny bottles and are diluted with water in small jars. Here she has brought inside a beautiful Monarch butterfly, which she found dead on the ground in the garden and is noticing the different patterns and colours the butterfly has and is trying out a butterfly with dark "Monarch" edges.

Another of Phoebe's inside pastimes is to create necklaces. She really appreciates the lovely beads she is given and spends hours (lots of focus!) deciding their order and then threads them up. All her (toy) friends have at least 1 beautiful beaded creation made by Phoebe.

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