Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The beginnings of a New Pond in the Mandala

Here's a blow by blow of the creation of our new pond in the central bed of the Permaculture Mandala Garden.

We've simply (he he he! - I mean "Aaron! simply") dug out our shape and after removing rocks and sharp stuff, placed a 2m square piece of pond liner - the heavy-duty stuff over the space, filled it with stream water (innoculated with all the goodies that come out of stream or dam water!) et voila!

In a later blog, I will update with pics of the further aesthetic beautification of the pond - we are currently sourcing and accumulating various logs, and rocks, boulders (small!!) and driftwood to create potential dwelling spaces for frogs, lizards and all manner of hungry prey in the hope that they will gobble up our unwanted insects of the non-beneficial kind.

And, of course, Luke, our faithful friend looks on, approving the plans...

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  1. We tried to dig and install a pond at my brother's house a few years ago. I'll just say we had too many bosses and not enough workers so the project didn't work out.