Tuesday, June 11, 2013

:: little house update ::

 the shelter we have been building as part of Phoebe's Class 3 'shelter' study has been slowly creeping along. Partly because there is only a little bit of this:
and the scene usually looks more like this:
(note the missing character from this shot!) Partly, pondering what to do at each stage, partly time available and mostly, interest - after all a project is much more fun if one actually wants to be involved!  And this we as adults learn more slowly, it seems.
As the little house takes shape and the structure with it's leftover pond-lining cover is now a little bit weather-protected, there suddenly seems to be a lot more interest - outdoor play is now centered in the little house. SO, we shall see how swiftly this project will complete from here...
We just need another push to get the cladding attached to the exterior - this sounds like fun - clay daub onto wire mesh...hmmm...old clothes only, methinks.
This picture shows a remarkable plant weaving and winding it's way right up into the upper reaches of this large, old apple tree - I'll admit it's not the clearest photo - so - the plant - a cherry tomato plant - is higher up the tree than Miss P, who is climbing up amongst the boughs - it extends all the way to the very top left of this photo.
and the tomatoes are still ripening!


  1. Oh little house makes me think of the little house on the prairie books. I found a first chapter book for Nenabella at Christmas which is adapted from the "little house books " its delightful and simple, making gifts for one another cooking building houses and moving . Anyhoo its nice to be reading something simple that I too am enjoying :) Tell Aaron his house looks great ;)

    1. yes - and this is what we have been reading and ADORING - we have read all of them now, right from the beginning - it was riveting for Phoebe (and me, have to admit!). Nervous laughter from Aaron and knowing looks ;-). I feel as though the learnings for us that are filtering slowly through are about simplicity, as well - thinking about how little the pioneer peoples had to live with and contrasting that with just how much stuff we have here in our home - good stuff for a child to ponder (oh - and the adults, too!) OMG - I am e-mail replying :) xoxo