Friday, January 29, 2010

Creating with My Cousins

what a fun and creative week we've had with two of Phoebe's cousins, Ben and Briana coming to stay...and the weather being rather inclement. Oh, we had plans!...big plans... to make a huge teepee playhouse outside from all the kindling wood needing to be gathered (two birds with one stone - and fun, too, I imagined!), to go for bush walks, gathering forked branches to then weave with, to paint our new fence with rainbow stripes, to flop in the river when we got too hot and needing refreshment...but Mother Nature had her own plans for us...she wanted to rain and rain and rain and then rain some more, just when we all thought we'd begin to dry out a bit.... before mealtimes whilst the cook was busy concocting delectable meals the children spent their waiting time drawing on a large sheet of plain newsprint, a whole roll of which cost the princely sum of $2.00 from the office of the Gisborne Herald. This idea came from the ever-resourceful Amanda Blake Soule and her book "The Creative Family".As it became clear we were in for an extended rainy time we came upon another idea "Calvin's Papier-mache bowls" from Amanda, this time from her second book: "Handmade Home"... and made glue on the stove-top...
...cut up loads of old newspapers and pasted and moulded to our heart's content, outside, under the cover of our (very well used) lean-to, off our downstairs living area. We blended Amanda's ideas by cutting up one of the mealtime art sessions into pieces for the final layer of the papier mache...all ending up with a unique bowl [albeit square bowls!], including pieces of each other's art - something to remember the fun week together in the school holidays...
And, here they are drying in one of the rare moments of sunshine this past week.

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