Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Orchard Girls...

here's an update on the ducklings...yep, they're now quite confirmed as DUCKS! they are named officially "Poppy, Pansy, Marigold and Asha (the little black Cayuga)". In the foreground is Phoebe's most beloved chook, Fluffybum, an almost purebred Black Orpington (her comb is not quite perfect, apparently! Perfect enough, we think!). And in the background, taking care of everyone and everything is Fluffybum's man, Frank (also a purebred Black Orpington) . These lucky birds have a fairly blissful existence in our Home Orchard, which is progressively becoming our Permaculture Food Forest - certainly with their addition to the mix we are another step along the path to the required result!

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