Tuesday, January 15, 2013

:: something from July 2012 ::

 During the Winter Phoebe had an inspiration to make her own candle from the leftover bits of wax from other candles, that had been accumulating.
Her Dad organised her in the workshop - a great place for such projects.  I noted all the safety precautions taken - hair tied back, the best apron for the job - has plastic over the fabric, surfaces clear and plenty of space and light in which to work.
One of Phoebe's interests is cooking, so this activity flowed seamlessly on from those skills.  I do like the two-handed approach.
Phoebe made this all by herself, with simply a few instructions and a supervisory eye from Father.

 A perfectly-poured candle - and almost reverence as she watches the liquid wax cool and harden.

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