Monday, January 21, 2013

:: sweetpea shadehouse and building update ::

glorious Sweetpeas
Phoebe in front of her thickly-covered stick house
 After much dry we've had lots of decent soakings and the progress of Phoebe's Sweetpeas has been ever upward and now surround her stick house entirely, providing just the colourful, sweet-smelling shade we'd been hoping for - a great Permaculture outcome - 3 uses covered here: beauty, shade and fragrance. Phoebe and I created the little stick house from prunings planted into the ground and woven together back in might like to see the skeletal framework here.
School Project - building her own house
The timing of the soakings has not been well-timed for continuing the house-building project.  The Manuka fram has stood up well and Phoebe is feeling the excitement and motivation to get this house completed.  A work-in-progress...shall keep you posted!

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