Saturday, May 16, 2009

Woo HOO!! Loving the New Swing!

On one of their wanderings down to the river lately, Phoebe and Aaron realised that there was a perfect swinging tree just waiting for a swing to be hung there.
Didn't take Aaron too long to create the perfect round swing seat from a suitably thick piece of plywood, be reminded frequently to buy the correct rope and a few days later...WOO HOO!!!
Father responds to the constant requests of "Higher! Higher!" with yet higher swing-out starts and Mother just has her heart in her mouth!
I guess I know deep down she is safe (!!) and swinging out over the river with loud WooHoo's is incredible fun and all part and parcel of childhood and learning more how make this thing called a body work for her!
[The picture does tend to make it look further out over the river than it is, of course!]


  1. That is simply an awesome and artistic picture. Love the trees in the background and the happy face on the child.

  2. Cheers for that Aaron took the pic - he's a bit clever like that - she is a happy child and we are so grateful for the lovely place we live...aaah, nature!